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Wyatt Purp is an officially licensed and registered producer, processor, manufacturer, and transporter & distributor of wholesale quality cannabis products for quality people. 

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As a premier cannabis manufacturing company, at Wyatt Purp we sell premium, vegan, all-natural Delta 9 hemp gummies, as well as naturally derived cannabinoid hemp extracts and consumable hemp products. We believe the Creator gave us what we need right here. It’s hard work, but from seed to table, it’s the most rewarding work.

Customers Reviews

Taylor Robertson
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Best gummys I've ever had, i don't even like gummys but i like these ones alot. But the syrup is the absolute best delta 9 product I've ever had it’s super effective and amazingly delicious. Best of all Dustin with wyatt purp is fantastic with his customers and always helpful, personable and I've never had any issues with his service.
Don Taylor
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I was new to the Delta 9 scene..I tried Wyatt Purp gummies for the first time a few weeks ago and I must say,they are definitely what I was looking for.The dosage is great and hey if you need a little more you eat another, little less eat half.And the flavors are good.Their website is nice and very informative on all their products which is always a plus.I've now tried all their products all with great results.So give Wyatt Purp a try. You will not be disappointed..
Anthony Robackouski
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Wyatt Purp has totally changed my outlook on hemp products. After purchasing some of the more popular brands and having inconsistent and questionable results, I was hesitant to jump back in. I had purchased some Wyatt Purp gummies at a local shop because I thought the name and packaging was interesting, and boy am I glad I did. Their gummies take you exactly to where you want to be. Not only do they taste great, but the results are consistent and pleasant. I've also tried the syrups and they defiantly pack a punch. I've since ordered off their website and the shipping is lightning quick and they have been super responsive to questions I've had. Thank you so much Wyatt Purp for being masters of the hemp craft!!!
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Great sales service with Shannon and great products!!!!
Kat Lively
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Great experience at Wyatt Purp!! Extreme knowledge on products and excellent customer service! Highly recommend.
Chelsea Lapier
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10/10 would recommend. Amazing products, top quality. P.s. Try the crispy treats, you WILL NOT be disappointed!!!
Christy Alley
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Amazing product! I will order again and again.
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This stuff is dope 😅 please keep making 🙏 🙌 👏
Nathan Wright
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Great knowledge on the products they are selling. Responsive customer service. I made a mistake on my address when ordering. Spoke to Wyatt, who fixed it after the order shipped. No delays. Cool guy! Give them a try. You wont be disappointed.
Lewis Rubin
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One thing that stood out to me was how delicious these gummies actually are. Compared to most thc gummies that leave a gross residue in your mouth or taste like battery acid, these are amazing. They will kick in after an hour and make your day infinitely better.
Chris Midkiff
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Such an amazing product. The quick onset and lasting effects put all other edibles to shame.
Big Jim
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By far the most effective syrups and gummies I've ever had. They are popping up everywhere and dude said they're expanding too so easy to get too.
Shaun Goss
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These products are amazing! I love them. Reasonably priced as well. They also provided excellent customer service for questions and response time on orders! Recommended whole heartedly!
Daisy Pratt
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Dustin has amazing knowledge of their products not just on a surface level. The ability for Wyatt and Dustin together to produce such an immaculate product is a feat in its own. 10/10 recommend!
Jayson Wallace
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Great people, and great product! Extremely knowledgeable people that can answer any question you might have and make sure you get the product you want and need.
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Bring your brand to the next level!

Wyatt Purp does extensive branding and white-labeling for cannabis brands nationwide. Our customers count on us to bring them the most high-quality products at the most competitive prices, and we’re proud to deliver. Whether it’s in your packaging or our own, at Wyatt Purp, our sincerest aim is to share the wonders of the Cannabis Sativa L plant with the world. Partner with us today and help us in that mission.

Nature's "Universal Compound" for the Endocannabinoid System

The great state of Texas has many cannabis laws in place to protect its citizens. Though these laws are numerous and complicated, we at Wyatt Purp pride ourselves in always working within the confines of those laws and have done so to become an officially-licensed “Producer, Processor, Transporter and Manufacturer!” Through our own unique innovations in processing, we have mastered a technique for deriving legal THC from hemp, and finally introducing Delta 9 THC to the masses – legally! Our fine Vlasic Cannabis Sativa L products are not only compliant with US regulations, but also legal in many countries around the world, making Wyatt Purp one of the first truly international cannabis companies. We are proud to be 100% DSHS and DEA-compliant, and to be paving the way for future legalization.

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Legal Disclaimer

Products offered on this website and currently sold by Wyatt Purp, LLC are all 2018 Farm Bill Compliant and classified as derivatives of Industrial Hemp. “Industrial Hemp” is part of the Cannabis sativa-L plant and is considered legal when the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration is 0.3% or less on a dry weight basis, according to the Farm Bill.

 **The products on this site have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. I understand they are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose a condition or disease. I understand Wyatt Purp is not responsible for any results, side effects, or possible allergic reactions caused by the products listed on this site. Results from these products may vary.**

Our team recommends all customers research on their individual state’s cannabis laws. Every state has separate laws when it comes to industrial hemp, so ensuring you know the precautions are necessary. When purchasing products from this site, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold its managers, agents, directors, officers, and employees harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, expenses, and damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees (“Claims”) arising from any acts or omissions committed, including but not limited to, the violation of any law, order, or state regulation.

Products are for  ADULT Customers aged 21 and up.

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