About Us

Wyatt Purp was founded in 2020 by Wyatt Larew and Dustin Ragon to help every person experience the power and potency of hemp-derived products. We are growers, processors, and manufacturers with over 25 years’ experience in the industry.

So what is the key to our success? In a word, our methods. We have perfected the production process to retain all the most exotic cannabinoids in an isolated manner. From that state we can isolate everything exotic from this plant using state of the art processing techniques and equipment. Not a dollar has been spared to extract these cannabinoids in a legally compliant way.


Who We Are

As founders it is important to us to lead with a strong vision of leadership, resilience, passion, and adaptability. 

Trust is crucial in business


Who We Are Looking For

Our co-founders feel shared visions and values are at the top of our priorities along with trustworthinesses, team player mentality and a track record of success.

A good co-founder should be able to collaborate effectively with others

Our Team

Fun Comes Naturally

The best part of being part of team Wyatt Purp is creating lasting memories. Through team building and making our own company culture we improve productivity, quality assurance, and creativity.

Research shows that happy employees are more productive

Our Mission

"Our customers count on us to bring them the most premium products at the most competitive prices. We believe in long term business relationships, our goal is to help you bring your brand to the next level. We want to bring the Wyatt Purp brand to as many people as possible. Be it through your branding or ours, we aim to get as many people the Cannabis Sativa L plant as possible. Please partner with us and help us change the world."

-Wyatt Larew and Dustin Ragon-